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Rest Live Hash Rosin

Rest Live Hash Rosin
Rest Live Hash Rosin

Rest Live Hash Rosin

One of the purest forms of cannabis extracts created using only water, ice and pressure. Our collaboration with the legendary Farkas Farms brings one of the first solventless, strain-specific concentrates to Ohio.

• We start with premium cannabis strains, cultivated by Farkas Farms
• Cannabis is fresh-frozen to preserve cannabinoid & terpene content
• Using an ice water wash, we separate resin from the rest of the plant, then freeze dry and extract rosin using low heat and high pressure
• This solventless extraction maximizes terpene concentration, yielding an effective and tasty concentrate that is a favorite of connoisseurs

Ingredients: 100% Live Hash Rosin

Net Weight 0.84g
Ingredients 100% Live Hash Rosin
Solventless ice water hash